Barbecue Grills Parts and Uses


With all the different sizes and types of Barbecue grills now, it may be challenging anyone to select the right one that will meet their needs. As the name implies, a grill is a kind of tool that cooks the food by putting heat from below. They are incredibly effective and useful for making your barbecue party successful. Thus, it is very important to know the different parts of it for you to be able to fix it if there would any damage occur.

Countless gas grills can be changed with new parts, putting addition to the wonderful life of the grill. Even though the charcoal grill cans somewhat need new charcoal grates as well as cooking grids, you can find some gas grills that will require some components like burners, heat shields and valves.

• Barbecue cover

It is a kind if textile particularly designed to mach over the grill in order to protect it from any kind of outdoor elements like the wind, rain, sun and snow as well as other outdoor contaminants like pollution, dust and bird droppings. Barbecue covers or grill covers are designed with a vinyl outer shell and an inner lining of heat resistant as well as changeable straps to lock up the cover from windy situations. This cover can be made out of polyester surface, frequently along with polyurethane cover on the external surface with chloride liner.

• Rock grates

Barbecue GrillsTo lessen the incidence of flare up, most of the barbecues can be fitted with baffles, plates or other means to interrupt the dripping of the combustible fluids. The majority of high-end grills make use of stainless steel grates; however, there is a benefit to utilizing bare cast iron grids. Whenever the cast iron is utilized to cook your food that contains a high level of acidity like tomatoes, lentils, marinades, lemonade sauces together with a strong content of vinegar, there would be a chance of increasing intake of iron dietary.

• Heat shield

Heat shield is also referred as heat plates, radiation shields, burner shields, heat angles or heat tents. They act as the same role as a rock and rock grate, securing the burner against the corrosive meat drippings as well as dispersing heat. Heat shields are much lighter, at the same time simple to change and less harbor bacteria compare than rocks.

• Valves

Valves used to be rusted and challenging to operate, therefore requiring you to change it. It is somewhat a burner.

• Burners

A grilling burner is the main source of the heat in order for you to cook the food. They are usually constructed of aluminize steel, stainless steel or cast iron. Burners are concave along with gas inlet holes as well as outlet ports. The most typical type of burners are H-burners that, the oval shape burner, the ‘Bowtie’, the ‘Figure 8’ and the other type have separates burner for the control. Such burners are called as ‘tube’, ‘rail’ or ‘pipe’ and since they are commonly straight; they only need to heat one part of the grill.

Gas is combined with air in venturis. Venturis are permanently fastened to the burner or it can be remove as well. In addition, a metal screen protects the fresh air intake of every venture to prevent spiders from clogging into the tube with their nests.

• Cooking grid

Also referred as cooking grates, the cooking grids are the surface by which the food was cooked on the grill. They are usually made out of porcelain coated cast iron that typically thick at the same time perfect for searing meat. The stainless steel is the expensive type but the long lasting alternative of all. Cast iron commonly utilized for grills on charcoal. While the chrome plated is the affordable one and the shortest lasting type.

Cooking grids are being used over charcoal barbecues to let oil and fat to drop among the grill bars that will cause to flare up where in the flames can be burned at the same time blacken the food long.

Why do you need such parts?

Searching for the right parts for your grill can be tricky but it is a necessity. The uses of these parts are effective. Along with the proper tools, barbecue grilling can be more fun and reliable. It can aid you as the griller to avoid any accidents or mishaps during the grilling. With that, making use of these equipment will improve the taste and quality of the foods you will be cooking.

In order for you to successfully meet your coking, you must be able to understand that it is essential to know and to have these parts. These tools increase availability and functionality for you, permitting any person to grill the foods in the very effective and reliable way as possible. Together with these grill parts; your barbecue experience has in fact never been easier!